PMBL fees are all team-based and are broken down into 3 categories; nomination fee, team bond, and game fee.

The current fee structure is currently as follows:

Nomination Fee – $73
Paid online at the end of the nomination process. This is a one-off fee that confirms your place in the competition.

Team Bond – $188
At the start of each season, every team’s bond MUST be on $188. This should be paid by new teams online at the end of the nomination process and should be topped up by returning teams at the front desk before their first game of the new season. Forfeit fines (see Competition Rules for fines structure) are removed from the team bond for every forfeit and at the end of the season the remainder is refunded or rolled over to the next season.

Game/Door fee – $65
Prior to each game, every team must pay the game/door fee to the staff at the front desk and the Captain must sign the sign-in sheet to confirm the payment. The game will not commence until the game fee has been paid by both teams. If one team has not paid the game fee and delays the start of the game the opposing team will be awarded late start points (2 points per minute).

NOTE: These fee amounts may be changed at any time