PMBL fees are broken down into 4 categories; nomination fee, game in advance payment, game fee and membership fee.

The current fee structure is currently as follows:

Nomination Fee – $100/$130
Paid online at the end of the nomination process. This is a one-off fee that confirms your place in the competition. Returning teams to the competition pay a lesser nomination fee, so ensure you renominate!

Game in Advance Payment – $70 ($105 for Players League)
As the competition does not have a team bond, we ask for 1 game to be paid in advance. This will be credited to your team for the last game of the regular season. Forfeit fines (see Competition Rules for fines structure) are required to be paid prior to the name game.

Game Fee – $70 ($105 for Players League)
Prior to each game, every team must pay the game fee through the Teampay App. Please ensure you have Teampay downloaded. Contact the administrator to obtain your team’s unique Teampay code, pmbl@basketballwa.asn.au

The game will not commence until the game fee has been paid by both teams. If one team has not paid the game fee and delays the start of the game, the opposing team will be awarded late start points (2 points per minute). To start games any forfeit fines from previous games must also be paid if applicable.

Teams also have the option to pay for the season in advance (SIA). Please contact the administrator to enquire about this option, pmbl@basketballwa.asn.au

Basketball WA Membership Fee – $5/$35
Every player competing in any Basketball WA affiliated competition must have a current Basketball WA membership. Permanent players must have a 365 day membership ($35, payable annually), while fill in players can register for a 7 day membership ($5).

If you play at another affiliated association and have an active membership, you will not be required to pay fee this again.

NOTE: These fee amounts may be changed at any time