PMBL Contacts

Competition Administrator: Cory Tombides
Phone: (08) 6272 0750

Forfeits: 0414 353 191, text or call ensuring you mention your team name and when you are playing.

Call or text at any time to advise us of your forfeit. Forfeits received prior to 5:00pm will incur a $70 fine ($105 for Players League), forfeits received after 5:00pm or not notified at all will incur a $140 fine ($210 for Players League).

Forfeit fines are to be paid through the Teampay app. If you forfeit before 5:00pm you can pay your forfeit fine the same day of your forfeit by going into Teampay and selecting ‘charge for next game’ since it is the same cost as the game fee. If the forfeit payment is not received before your subsequent game it will be charged through Teampay in addition to next week’s game fee.

General Hours: 10.30am – 6.30pm Monday to Wednesday / 9.00am – 5.00pm Thursday to Friday

Bendat Basketball Centre Venue Officer: 0431 657 858

Basketball WA Reception: (08) 6272 0741