Nomination Information

Nomination Information
All nominations for the PMBL are done through this website via the Registrations tab on the homepage. These forms are only accessible when nominations are open, which is normally a 5-6 week period at the end of each season. Teams who are registered in the current season are not automatically registered in the following season – all teams (new or returning) MUST nominate each season to secure their place.

Nomination forms are split by night, with each form allowing the nominating team to select which Division they would like to participate in based on the night they are playing on. The Division that the team nominates in will normally be the Division they play in. However, a manual grading process is done before fixtures are created in order to spread everyone across the available Divisions and utilize the available court space in the most efficient way possible.

The PMBL only accept whole-team nominations and not individual players. A ‘Free Agents List’ is run through this website that individuals are more than welcome to have their details added to. In order to do so, contact the Competitions Administrator via the details below. The player registration form is for players to register to their registered team so that their details are shown on the electronic scoring devices and online.

  • For nomination dates, see the ‘important dates‘ page under the What is PMBL heading.
  • For information on fees, see the ‘fees‘ page under the nominations heading.
  • For a copy of the competition rules, see the ‘competition rules‘ page.

For any other questions or for further information contact the Competition Administrator