Free Agents List

Free Agents List

If you are looking for players for your team feel free to contact those on the list below.

Please note that all players must have an active BWA Affiliation Membership to be eligible to play. This will involve registering online and paying the relevant fees for either a 7 day or 365 day membership.

If you would like your details to be added or removed, contact the BWA Competitions Administrator via email on


Name Contact Number Night/s Available Preferred Division/s Date Added Notes
Kynan Fimmel 0439860294 Mondays or Wednesday Div 1-2 17/10/2023 Current U18 WABL player – wanting to play in higher level men’s team. 6ft2 small forward. Have been filling in occasionally on Monday nights for Div 1 but keen for a permanent team or regular fill in.
Lev Chupyatov 0426740420 (backup 0475231746) Mondays / Wednesdays 1-2 10/10/2023 6’0 guard with 3×3 pro-am experience. Will lead the team in assists. Looking to play in a competitive division.
Melvin Nwankwo 0410 967 494 Wednesday/flexible Top div 21/9/2023 I’m 6’3, athletic and scorer that can play defence
Taylor Fimmel 0425 842 472 Tuesday or Wednesday Medium to High Level 21/8/2023 6ft3 forward. Current WABL player wanting to play in men’s league.
Farid Haq 0412 884 431 Any Any 31/8/2023 Passionate Baller , looking to fill in for a team, can play 1 through 4 positions, good passer
Taylor Fimmel 0425 842 472 Tuesday or Wednesday Medium to High Level 21/8/2023 6ft3 forward. Current WABL player wanting to play in men’s league.
Evgenii Grishin 0491 299 975 Any Monday/Wednesday 15/11/2022 Player Info: I’m an international student and moved to AU 3 months ago.I’m 28 y.o., 6’6 (198 centimetres), 94 kg PF. I used to be a professional player in Russian youth championship. I gave up professional career at age 22 and after that played at the highest level amateur league. My team won Russian amateur championship multiple times. I like fast breaks, quick game, but good with combinations too. Strengths: speed, rebounding, court seeing, good in-paint finishing (baby hooks, hooks), quite good middle and 3pt shot. And I’m a good teammate, not selfish.
Indy Harris 0476 511 356 Monday/Wednesday Players League or Div 1 or 2 21/10/2022 Looking to play in higher division
Kurt Harrington 0499 587 840 Any Div 3-4 18/10/2022 5’10 point/shooting guard. Able to carry the ball up and distribute. Fast/fit, good for fast breaks and good hustle on D. Ok from 3 point range. Played 3x per week at Div 2 level in NZ and recently moved over
Shaun Wogan 0474 638 056 Any Any 18/10/2022 6’4. Play 2-5
Paul Greenwood 0458 884 824 Any Any 04/10/2022 Plays 1-3, fit and ready to run
Alistair Barrett 0422 520 821 Monday & Wednesday Any 30/8/2022 I’m a 6’4” player who loves to play the 3-5 positions. Keen to play any division on Monday or Wednesday night, just after more game time!
Skandha Kumar 0422797066 Monday or Tuesday Lowest or second lowest 28/7/2022 Preferably not centre as I have a weak right knee.
Kwan Tan 0418 559 540 Any Division 6 28/7/2022 26 y.o. Plays positions 1-3, currently playing division 7 but looking to step up a division and improve my game.
Frank Schaler 0450 009 846 Mon/Tues Any 10/6/22 56 y.o. 6’4. Very fit and experienced player looking to join a team
Stefan Papalia 0452 372 228 Wed Players League 22/3/22 Played players league previously. Our team has dropped out and I’m keen to find another team for the season
Ash Rhodes 0411 166 746 Any Mid 22/3/22 Just moved here from Geelong, wanting to play some basketball again 6ft tall, bit of an all rounder
Matt Mercer 0468 935 318 Mon/Wed Players League/Div 1 17/3/22 Guard with experience playing D League and little bit of SBL
Max Rivers 0400 623 951 Any High 10/3/22 Played for Victoria and Aus Development teams growing up while also playing in Victorian Championship divisions
Joel Egan 0412 175 419 Any Any 8/2/22 Forward/centre but can play any position, I live close to the stadium and can fill in on short notice, will pay share of game fee
Todd Di Rosso 0401 053 333 Any Div 3 or similar 8/2/22 6ft, flexible with positions, team player, have played in a lot of adult comps over the last 10 or so years so people generally recognise me.
Brodie Arbuckle +6427756833 (WhatsApp) Any Competitive/semi competitive 24/1/22 6’4 small forward, can play up or down, can defend anyone, good rebounder
Ricard Balabanskij 0466 277 544 Any Mid-low/any 1/12/21 FIFO worker only available every second week. Been playing as shooting guard and point guard in Lithuania A/B league
Jack Muston 0401 756 570 Mon-Tues Mid/Any 12/10/21 FIFO worker only available every 2nd week. Point Guard from Canberra, played state level juniors, Div 1 Mens and Waratah League Mens (2019 State Champ). Looking for a more relaxed comp.
Ryan Fitzgerald 0410 465 503 Tues-Wed Mid-low 12/10/21 New to Perth, looking to fill in for a team, veteran player, can play 1 through 4 positions, good passer
Richard Manning 0466 406 443 Mon-Tues-Wed Prefer high but will play any div 8/10/21 Recently moved from Queensland where I played at a high level, flexible player looking to join a team
Jake McNally 0437 884 481 Mon-Tues-Wed 2-4 21/9/21 29 yo. 6ft6 Centre or Power Forward. Haven’t played competitively for many years however regularly play pickup games at courts.
Mike Costello 0431 193 890 Mon-Tues-Wed Any 26/8/21 Shooting guard, 33 years old
Chase Hansen 0415 942 332 Wednesday High 26/7/21 25 y.o 6ft PG/SG, played WABL growing up down south, spent 2 years in Melbourne at the Australian College of Basketball
Jack Hosking 0428 696 554 All, prefer Wednesday High 20/7/21 6ft shooting guard, just moved to Perth from Canberra. Played in national championships & competitively for 7 years, played against Ben Simmons and Dante Exum. looking to join Div 1/2 or Players League
Matt Lynch 0422 129 844 Mon-Tues-Wed Med-High 19/7/21 Versatile 6’6 forward, 36 y.o. Played at a high level when younger. Recently moved from NSW and looking to find a team (Men’s or Mixed).
Eli Grant 0476 410 987 Mon-Tues Players League/High 7/7/21 Played Men’s 1 in Geraldton for 3 years and participated in multiple BWA and Country Weeks for Geraldton


Name Contact Number Night/s Available Preferred Division/s Date Added Notes
Lauren Rudd 0493 731 158 Any including Monday and weds mid-low 17/11/2023 Looking more for fun/social than super serious team. 28 y.o with a few years playing experience in the UK. Was out for 18 months with knee injury so building back up but relatively fit etc. Not very tall but can shoot!
Janelle Fimmel 0425 842 472 Available Mondays and Wednesdays Medium Division 15/05/2023 Looking to join a mid ability team. Coordinated with reasonable fitness and skill level but haven’t played for a while.
Georgia Farley 00473 356 764 Monday/Wednesday Any 21/10/2022 I have been playing basketball since I was 8, now 22. At 15 i was selected to join the Sydney uni flames WNBL and throughout the years living in ballina NSW i have always played basketball for my home team and received mvp for the league as well as my team. I recently moved to Geraldton WA and played women’s division 1 basketball where I received the women’s league runner up MVP and my teams MVP.
Eliza Tuiloma 0447 033 226 Any Any 40 year old, play guard and would love to join a team! My flatmate is also keen to join so I will flick him your email address too!
Yvonne Kallane 0407 489 720 Mon/Wed Any 10/6/22 54 y.o. Looking to join a basketball team, played extensively as a teenager and represented RAN in their defence league in my 20’s, looking to get back into playing.
Georgia Farley 0473 356 764 Any High 11/4/22 Just moved to Perth, experienced player looking to join a competitive team
Andrea Mostert 0451 087 558 Any Mid-high 22/3/22 Experienced player, played high level basketball for 10+ years, eager to join something a bit more social now. Point guard/shooting guard
Dharma Power 0447 408 104 Mon & sometimes Wed Mid-low 15/3/22 Looking to join a social team, played in highschool, good hand-eye coordination and am tall
Lyndsay O’Connell 0403 233 119 Wed Any 24/2/22 Looking to join a social women’s team on Wednesday nights
Anna Ogilby 0458 063 656 Wed Mixed 30/8/21 Looking to join a mixed team, experienced player looking to touch up on skills and regain fitness
Caitlin Ward 0430 717 110 Mon-Wed High 26/8/21 21 years old, recently moved from Melbourne, I play the 4/5 position and have reasonably good fitness and skill level